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2018-12-10 02:02 am

Contact Post

You have reached Pike's voicemail. State your name and business, I will answer as soon as possible.

muse and mun can be reached through comments to this post or PM's.
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2009-08-08 01:22 am
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Good to know if I ever lose it...

Your Livejournal Battle by shonoshi
Your weaponAn Axe
You fight against...unqualified_dr
Who has a...Gun
That was made by...theflagship
Using the...Brother
Chance of victory
Will you live?You both die!

...apparently Dr. McCoy will have a gun waiting for me if I ever grab an axe.
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2009-07-14 04:45 am
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Beta Crew Roster

Official list of the crew!

Captain: Christopher Pike - [ profile] cptn_pike
First Officer: Commander Spock - [ profile] livelongprosper
Navigator: Lieutenant Kevin Riley - [ profile] again_kathleen
--Backup Navigator: Ensign Pavel Chekov - [ profile] russiainwention
Helmsman: Lieutenant Hiraku Sulu - [ profile] warpthreesir
--Backup Helmsman: Lieutenant Hiraku Sulu (younger) - [ profile] mrfencemaster
Medical: Nurse Christine Chapel - [ profile] is_a_sanctuary
Yeoman: Janice Rand - [ profile] yeoman_jan
Chief Engineer: Eva Olson - [ profile] romulanarsekick
Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Leonard McCoy - [ profile] unqualified_dr

Who're we missing...a doctor I suppose. But that's a pretty complete crew there!
EDIT: Looks like we swiped one of Kirk's McCoy's as ship's doctor. He can complain about it to Starfleet if he doesn't like it.
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2009-06-12 01:58 pm
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Away Team Mission

Captain Pike walked into the transporter room, checking his phaser on the belt at his side. The others of the away team were already there.

"Phasers on stun for now, the atmosphere is breathable down there but there may be other dangers we may encounter with this exploratory mission."

"All set, sir," the transporter chief told him. Pike gave him a nod, looking to the other members of the team to make sure they were alright. He always got a nervous feeling before a mission like this. Like this might be the last time he saw this group together. It was an irrational thought probably and one that he pushed down time and again. This instance would be no different.